Terms and Conditions


GENERAL TERMS: Minimum order of US $500.00 applies for all sales (For exceptions, please talk to R & S Distributors, Inc and get approval). Full payment must be paid prior to shipment. You may place the order via E-Mail, Fax / Mail.

PRICES: All prices are F.O.B ware house prices and are subject to change without prior notice. Invoice will reflect any change in prices. You can get a price quote by E-mail, phone/fax or with a SASE. Tax is exempt if you provide us with your Tax Exemption ID. Check with us for special pricing for government agencies and for larger orders.

SHIPPING: Shipping is free for orders greater than $3,000.00. All orders are shipped from our warehouse same day. Each order is double-checked by our shipping department to insure accuracy and proper packing. We are not responsible or obligated to make delivery on any specific time or date. After shipping, we assume no liability for damage, delay in delivery or inability to fill the order. Once order is placed you cannot make changes such as adding or canceling; after that it will be considered as a new order subject to the terms stated. Merchandise should be inspected upon delivery.

The shipping methods normally used and estimated delivery times are:

  • Air Express (Courier) = 5 to 7 working days
  • Air Freight = 5 to 10 working days
  • Air Parcel Post = 3 to 6 weeks

PRODUCT/ CONTAINER AVIALABILITY: Our Suppliers are located in various parts of US. Therefore, products not in stock will take approximately 5 to 7 business days for shipping. Also, in the event of container unavailability, same 5-7 business days applies.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: We use current products for catalog photography though model, style, & the manufacturer may change design during the year by updating the products. We reserve the right to substitute items with equal or grater value & quality. Items sold in catalog without any color/size/style choices are available assorted only. We regret any typographical errors, in this catalog, and we are not responsible for them.

PURCHASE & WARRANTY INFORMATION: Please inspect carefully any and all shipment you receive from us. All items are guaranteed to be in good condition. In the event of visible damage, we should be notified within 2 days. Sales are final after 30 days.

RETURNING MERCHANDISE: All returns must be pre-authorized by R & S. Distributors,Inc Only items that are damaged before receiving maybe returned in the original packaging and sealed. Returned units are subject to a restocking fee of 12% or more.. of outright value plus Recertification fee, if applicable. All returns need to be pre-authorized with RMA #. Exchange fees are not refundable. Quotes are subject to prior sale.

PLACING ORDERS: Simply complete your order form. Please write a Prefix/Item Number, Page, Description and Quantity/Unit. We accept personal check, money order or major credit cards. We are connected with a check guarantee service system. Personal or company checks with preprinted name, street address and contact telephone number is also welcome. Checks with PO Box addresses are not accepted. In case of insufficient fund in your bank, you are required to pay $25.00 toward service fee for each bounced check. Since it is going to delay the shipment, you may consider sending a money order or cashiers check with validity.

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