R & S Distributors, Inc currently does distribution of the following at low cost :

  • Full range of janitorial and cleaning products (including Green products) to various local government agencies throughout New York and New Jersey.
  • High quality office products, computers and its accessories
  • Pre-paid wireless phone cards, pins, bill pay, credit card services all in one terminal
  • Solar panels and wind mills parts (Alternate Energy)
  • Building maintenance, parking lot & road construction equipments (Signs, speed bumpers, barriers & more)

Our catalog offers you all you need for your facility’s maintenance needs. It catalog contains over 5,000 products – everything you need to maintain your facility housed. Yes, convenient, one – stop ordering is the proven way to save time and lower overall costs. Simply complete your order form. Please write a Prefix/ Item Number, Page, Description and Quantity/Unit. You can get a price quote by E-mail, phone/fax or with a SASE. Please see the terms and conditions

We are interested in Micro Purchases orders also. We accept corporate cards and EFT.We assure you the best of service. We will provide catalog at your request. Please contact us at the above address and or telephone numbers for any questions. Thanks for visiting our website and ordering from us.